There is a lot more that goes into the wedding invitation than just the invitation itself.  The world of wedding invitations has exploded over the last few years.  Couples have many more options. But with all these options come questions.  What purpose does each piece of a wedding invitation serve?  What can be included and what can be left out?  This video has some answers.

Printing Methods

There are six ways to impress ink on paper -- but not all of them may impress your guests.  This video describes the different methods, the pluses and minuses of each and why you might wish to choose a particular type of printing for your wedding invitation.



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The excitement starts here!

How Many?

Knowing the number of invitations to order is more art than science.  There are a lot of different factors that come into play when you determine invitation quantity, some of which are not so obvious.  Most couples think they have to order many more invitations than they actually do.  Why?  This video answers that and many other questions couples often have about how many invitations to order.